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Knowledge & Restoration of Things Old

Home Restoration

As a craftsman, I have  been working in residential home repair, restoration, and building since 1979.  I have worked extensively for years in repair of older homes and understand a  broad array of design concepts that help blend new building techniques and products with older homes.

My special concentrations are architectural woodworking, all kinds of trim and finish work, lathe work, and exterior rot repair and restorations.  Having been extensively involved in running large commercial plaster conservation and restoration projects such as the NJ Statehouse Dome Project and Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I bring a huge set of time honored artisan skills to the residential owners of older homes.  I am a member and journeyman in the Allied Craft Workers of America.



Home Improvements

 In addition to older home repair I possess vast understanding and experience in new construction; this work has been been my ‘bread and butter’ through the years.   I have worked extensively on new trim-work installations of all types, small & light cabinet and casework,  light furniture repair, building and repairing porches and decks, window and door installs,  sheetrock installation, (repair and new), taping and finish spackling, wall and floor tiling, wood floor installs, and new kitchen and bathroom installations.  I have studied and have broad experience in home mechanicals, electrical, plumbing, and heating, and understand building codes both structural and mechanical.

DIY Consulting

I like advising and working with customers.  If somebody wants to tackle a project on a sweat-equity basis but doesn’t understand certain techniques, process/sequential steps, or unique obstacles that will pop up on projects, I can sit down with a customer and go over ideas as well as the approach they might want to take, and then will work with them perhaps for a few days and drop by intermittently to help see  the project through to its completion.  Through the many years of working in older homes I have become adept at house “detective” work and solving mysteries, (ie. what used to be where).  I enjoy troubleshooting the unique problems that might arise from past renovations.

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